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Hawke’s Bay’s Historic Club

Entering the Hawke’s Bay Club foyer through the magnificent double front doors is like stepping back in time. Imagine gaslighting, if you will, in place of the electric lighting and you have a picture of the Club as it was over 110 years ago. Nothing else has changed, including the grand staircase. Even the glorious grandfather clock dates from 1906, the year the building was erected. And the ‘Love Seat’ in the centre of the foyer is a relic from the first Club House built in 1868. A few feet into the foyer and a very large alcove to the left leads you into the Billiard Room, built in 1888, and retained as part of the current building.

On the left of this alcove is the office, originally the ‘Strangers’ Room.’ Originally set up to cater for visitors to the Club who wished to have a private meeting with a member. The visitor was not permitted access to the members’ area so was ushered in a side door to the ‘Strangers’ Room’. Once his business was complete, he left by the side door. The name is derived from the old farming tradition that saw most farms, especially larger ones, have one paddock close to the road designated as the ‘Strangers’ Paddock’, into which any stray stock was held for pick up by the owner. And as most of the founding members of the Club were farmers, so the name ‘Strangers’ Room’ seemed to be very appropriate.

So, it is with the rest of the building, a few nods to modernity with electrical fittings, but otherwise very much the same as when erected all those years ago in 1906. All of this has contributed to recognition of the Hawke’s Bay Club as a Heritage Building, something the membership is very proud of.

Proceeding on from the ‘bricks and mortar’ of the Club, no institution is complete without a beating heart, the membership. Founded by farmers, predominantly, many of whom were also military men, and business owners, from around Hawke’s Bay, the Club has evolved over the years to what it is today. The membership now comprises mainly business owners, with some farmers, and several professional people e.g. accountants, doctors, solicitors, and stockbrokers. It is, in fact, a reflection of society. From inception, with 79 members, to today, with over 350 members, the Hawke’s Bay Club continues to be a haven for its members as well as an extremely important part of the Napier skyline, a true monument to the evolution of the city. .


If you are looking for an impressive venue at competitive rates, look no further.


The Club is capable of hosting several events at the same time, with both upstairs and downstairs venues


Menus range from light finger food to seven-course formal dinners. The Hawke’s Bay Club also makes for an ideal wedding reception venue


The Hawke’s Bay Club has four comfortable rooms sleeping singles or doubles and one fully-contained flat.


Step into the Hawke’s Bay Club and enjoy a private or business function. Stay in one of our historic rooms and take a step back in history.


The Hawke’s Bay Club appreciates a reciprocal relationship with many wonderful clubs throughout New Zealand and the world. 

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