Rooms & Facilities

Private Rooms & Facilities

The Club is capable of hosting several conferences at the same time, with both upstairs and downstairs venues. The upstairs conference room, with uninterrupted views of Napier’s Marine Parade, has it’s own bar facilities. If you are looking for an impressive venue at very competitive rates, look no further.

The Heritage Room

The Heritage Room is the first function room you find as you enter the Club. Large enough to accommodate a Board of 12 around our large meeting table, or a private function of smaller tables, you will find this spacious enough for any purpose.

The Millenium Room

The smaller of the two second floor, the Millenium Room is spacious while cozy. This is a space for informal meetings or smaller formal gatherings. With access to the second floor deck, this is a very special space.

Room 5

Room 5 is a special meeting room on the second floor. With a large meeting space, an accompanying bar, and private access to a large second floor balcony, Room 5 is a much sought after room in our Club.

Card Room 2

Card Room 2 offers a comfortable space to do a little business, read the newspaper or any of our books on history. A large screen tv is perfect for a cricket game or other event.

    Dining Room

    The Club has one large and two smaller, more intimate Dining Rooms. The facilities, including a large, well-equipped kitchen, are ideal for functions big or small. The Club hosts numerous wedding receptions and business conferences. All Club Catering is provided by DESIGN CUISINE.

      Snooker Parlor

      This is one of the main features of the Club, featuring two full sized snooker tables in a setting which embodies the style and character of the 1900′s. This facility is available to all Members and their Guests, with a cue fee of $2.00.

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